elarel is a pure logic puzzle game available for free for both Mac & Windows.

elarel the owl

You play as elarel the owl, who has just discovered a huge cave filled with treasure, going deep into the earth. You must navigate through the 22 challenging levels of the cave, collecting treasure while conquering the many devilish traps and creatures that stand in your way. There are no timing or reflex-based puzzles, so you can go as fast or as slow as you like.

Can you guide elarel safely through the many levels of the cave and collect all the treasure?

An arrow pointing rightA treasure chest!And another!And another!!An arrow pointing left

A level editor is also available for download, enabling you to devise your own levels. If you make a level, send it to us to put it up for download! We will be happy to list for download any user level you submit to us. 11 user levels made by the dev team have been included in the current release of the game, accessible through the level select screen, by switching to the user levelset.


Level 17
Level 17 (click for larger)

Have a message for the elarel team? Contact us at elarelapp (at) gmail.com